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Logitech G940

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    From takeoff to landing, flying with Logitech® Flight System G940 makes every aircraft behave and feel like the real thing. Feel wind on your wings. Control engines together or independently. And master tricky maneuvers. Just like you would in a real cockpit.

    Authentic design: Every piece of Logitech® Flight System G940 is carefully crafted with realism in mind. We looked to military and commercial planes and helicopters for inspiration. You get an experience that’s more realistic and more fun, with important controls that look, feel, and work just like the real thing.

    - Force feedback joystick: Control your aircraft with confidence. Force feedback effects allow you to feel its movement as well as its reaction to wind shear, buffeting, turbulence, and g-forces.
    - Dual throttle: Precisely control multi-engine aircraft using the two 8-way hat switches. Or lock the levers when you need to operate your engines in sync.
    - Rudder pedals with toe brakes: Enjoy true-to-life rudder control, essential when you’re performing defensive maneuvers and crosswind landings, or piloting helicopters.
    - Interactive, programmable throttle-base buttons: Keep in control with buttons that illuminate red, green, amber, or off to indicate the status of critical aircraft systems—gear up, flaps down, and many others—just like they would in a real cockpit.

    Hard points: All three components (joystick, throttle, and pedals) can be bolted to a table or other surface for a solid experience.

    Game support: Works with PC flight simulators including Microsoft® Flight Simulator X, IL-2 Sturmovik™: 1946, Falcon: Allied Force, Lock On: Modern Air Combat X-Plane 9, Enemy Engaged 2, and DCS: Black Shark
    Device interface:
    Compatible operating systems:
    Windows XP, Windows Vista
    Minimum system requirements:
    CD-ROM, USB 2.0
    Device type:
    Flight Sim
    Minimum hard disk space:
    25 MB
    Cable length:
    2.4 m
    Source data-sheet:
    Bundled software:
    - I-FORCE Force Feedback
    - Logitech Gaming Software for Windows
    Usually ready for shipment in 3 to 7 days. Details