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A-DATA 8GB SDHC Class 10

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    Are you not satisfied with SDHC Class 6 yet? Do you desire even more turbo speed? ADATA is pleased to unveil the industry-leading Turbo Series SDHC Class 10 memory card, taking high-definition video recording where it hasn’t been yet. The ADATA SDHC Memory Card (Class 10) works perfectly with the latest high-megapixel digital cameras and HD camcorders to ensure high speed, continuous shots and full HD video capture, taking you to the next level of digital life.

    Ultra Fast, Genius-like Memory
    Fully compliant with the SD Card Association’s SD 3.0 standards, the ADATA SDHC Class 10 is compatible with the previous SD 2.0 interface and supports all SDHC host digital products. Adopting the FAT32 file system format, the ADATA SDHC Class 10 surpasses the 2GB capacity limit of traditional SD cards, featuring a capacity of up to 32GB, with read and write speeds up to 20 MB/s and 16 MB/s1, respectively. The SDHC Class 10’s high read/write speeds ensure smooth full-HD video recording without dropped frames. It’s everything you could ask from a memory card.

    More Secure, More Reliable, Largest Storage
    Featuring a maximum capacity of 32GB, the ADATA SDHC Class 10 can store more than 8,000 MP3 files, 9,600 high-resolution JPEG photos, 6 hours of HD video, or other digital data2. It also supports Error Correcting Code (ECC), which automatically detects and corrects errors during data transfer, preventing corruption and loss of your important data. Additionally, the SDHC’s In-System Programming (ISP) feature allows users to load the latest firmware and improve compatibility. The built-in write-protection switch keeps your data even safer, preventing accidental over-writing and file deletion.

    Lifetime Warranty, Quality Guaranteed
    ADATA is committed to quality and your peace of mind. Therefore, every ADATA SDHC card is manufactured under stringent guidelines to ensure the highest in quality and backed by a lifetime limited warranty.