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A-DATA microReader Ver.3 + 16GB microSDHC Class 6

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The cellular phone is the most widespread mobile device, used by people everywhere. For users not content with basic phone functions and features, ADATA has the solution for advanced computing ability and connectivity. The “smarter” the phone is, the more it requires higher memory capacity.

Fully compliant with high-speed SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) specifications, the ADATA microSDHC Class 6 not only provides higher capacity, faster data and media access, but also supports all portable devices that conform to SDHC specifications. With an impressive minimum data transfer rate of 6 MB/s, the ADATA microSDHC Class 6 is proven to be the best companion for your handheld devices.

Faster Speed, More Storage for Your Portable Device.

The ADATA microSDHC Class 6 is manufactured in accordance with the SD Card Association’s SD 2.0 standards, making it compatible with all microSDHC host digital devices (including cellular phones, MP3 players, handheld game consoles, etc.) and supporting SDHC host products with the bundled SDHC adapter. Adopting the FAT32 file system format, the ADATA microSDHC Class 6 unlocks the 2GB capacity limit of microSD cards, providing up to 16GB of storage and boasting read and write speeds up to 16 MB/s and 9 MB/s1 respectively.

More Secure, More Reliable, the Largest Capacity Available.

Featuring a storage capacity of up to 16GB, the ADATA microSDHC Class 6 can hold over 4,000 MP3 files, 4,800 high-resolution JPEG photos or 3 hours of HD video clips2. It also supports Error Correcting Code (ECC), which automatically detects and corrects errors during data transfer, preventing corruption and loss of your important data. Additionally, the microSDHC’s In-System Programming (ISP) feature allows users to load the latest firmware and improve compatibility. The built-in write-protection switch keeps your data even safer, preventing accidental over-writing and file deletion.