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Fujitsu KB SCR

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    The Keyboard KB SCR includes an user-friendly class-2 SmartCard Reader as a reliable solution for reading and writing SmartCards. It offers an open platform for all standard software applications. Use your SmartCards for authentification, Single Sign On, PKI, – this keyboard provides an easily accessible card-slot and ensures fullspeed data transmission via USB 2.0 connection. Four supplementary keys enable VOL up, VOL down, Play/Pause and Calculator, if supported by Windows Operating Systems, to be called up conveniently and rapidly. In combination with SmartCase Logon+ the KB SCR establishes the best platform for secure and convenient logon and data protection.

    ¿¿- Single Sign On.

    ¿¿- Seamless Plug & Play installation for every PC with USB;
    ¿¿- Ultra soft and silent key stroke;
    ¿¿- Status LED for: NUM /CAPS - SmartCard communication - Secure PIN entry mode.

    ¿¿- Stress free and effective use through high contrast keys, ergonomic key design and a soft pressure point.

    ¿¿- High quality and function stability made in Germany;
    - ¿¿Abrasion-proof keys thanks to laser technology to write the keycaps.

    - ¿¿Customize your keyboard with a specific logo design;
    ¿¿- Specific keycap inscriptions for your specific designs.