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    Laptops are fast becoming the number one choice for computer users nowadays. Given how much the world relies on notebook computers – for both business and personal use – it can be a challenge to find the one that fits your needs in terms of reliability and performance. Of great importance to these criteria are the quality and capacity of RAM (Random-access memory), which seriously affects both system stability and execution speed.

    ADATA Supreme Series memory modules use original-branded DRAM ICs that are built on full data sheets, including cross-platform and durability testing to guarantee quality and performance, and once again stringently tested by ADATA. In terms of reliability and high quality, choosing ADATA Supreme Series memory for your notebook memory upgrade is a wise, worry-free decision that is backed by the same lifetime warranty that comes with all ADATA memory modules.

    The ADATA Supreme Series DDR3 1066MHz SO-DIMM for notebooks is a module in the lower parasitic-loading FBGA (Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array) packaging on a 204-pin glass-epoxy printed circuit board. Running at 1.5 volts and 1066MHz of the clock, the transmission bandwidth can achieve up to 8,500 MB/s by PC3-8500 specification. The Supreme Series DDR3 1066MHz SO-DIMM is available in three capacities: 1GB, 2GB and 4GB.