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Be-Quiet BL014

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When developing the new generation of our housing-fan series SilentWingsUSC, two things were of particular importance to us: that they should run extremely quietly and at the same time achieve optimum airflow - an extremely tricky challenge.

And with the newly developed Ultra Silent Concept (USC), we have mastered this challenge. The USC comprises, amongst other things, two innovations from be quiet! protected by german utility patent. In addition, the housing fan has a remarkable lifespan of almost 300,000 hours.

But, of course, our SilentWingsUSC exhibit other features, too. That's why the 120-mm SilentWingsUSC came out on top in a comparative test by PCGH, and as a result was awarded top product - another result of our work into which our knowledge and, more importantly, our entire passion goes.

The Ultra-Silent Concept (USC)
- Innovation: screwless anti-vibration fixtures and rubberised fan frame protected by german utility patent.
- Effect: Quiet operation thanks to the reduction of vibrations and simple installation without tools.
- Innovation: High-airflow-performance design with flow-optimised fan blades on both sides, protected by german utility patent.
- Effect: Quiet operation and optimum airflow.
- Innovation: A high-quality IC controls the motor.
- Effect: Minimisation of electrical noises at a constantly high running smoothness.

The FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) bearing with copper core.
- Innovation: An optimised design.
- Effect: Quiet operation without mechanical friction. Lifespan of almost 300,000 hours. Improved and quicker heat conduction thanks to the use of copper core.

Other features.
- The auto-restart function.
- Effect: Automatic restart of the fan after a break in operation; avoids overheating and a power-fail restart of a computer system.
- The low 3.5-V initial voltage.
- Effect: Early cooling of the computer system.