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LaCie 130902

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LaCie Cozy
Introducing the LaCie Cozy line of bags for your hard drives, a great new way to transport and protect your data and information. Designed by Sam Hecht, the LaCie Cozy provides a tough protective outer layer that makes carrying your drives a snap. Made of EVA, the outside of your LaCie Cozy is rigid enough to withstand the everyday bumps and bruises of the outside world, while its stylish exterior promotes the chic design that LaCie is known for around the world. While the LaCie Cozy has a rigid, tough exterior, its flexible outside pocket is perfect for carrying any peripherals, supplies, or accessories you may want to take along with you. With memory foam inside of the LaCie Cozy, your drive is protected from daily shocks and jolts. The extra pocket on the interior also lets you store and transport small accessories, such as cables. With the two different sizes in the LaCie Cozy line, it’s easy to find the one that’s right for you. Choose from two sizes, both of which are compatible with most hard drives on the market. Whichever size you choose, you can be confident that your LaCie Cozy offers superior protection for your drive.

-Solid protection
-Outside flexible pocket
-Memory foam inside
-Available in three colors and two sizes for hard drives