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Fujitsu KB SC

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The KB SC is a keyboard with a unique Fujitsu Siemens Computers design, which fits perfect in the PC family environment. Space saving design in combination with highest quality and reliability. Best price performance ratio makes it the first choice for standard PC work.

- Connects to every PC with standard PS/2 interface
- Easy to use with space saving design

- Unique Fujitsu Siemens Computers space saving design;
- Stress free and effective use through high contrast keys, ergonomic key design and a soft pressure point.

- High quality and function stability through own development and manufacturing Short reaction and transportation time;
- Warranty, service and spare part supply according to your needs.

Modern production technology
- Abrasion-proof keys by using laser printing technology for the keycaps;
- Fully automated production line Highest quality coupled with the best price/performance ratio guaranteed.

Environmentally friendly development
- Recycling friendly by easy separation into recyclable components;
- Minimized size and weight in combination with minimized use of raw materials.