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LG W2361V-PF

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LG's 61 Series LCD Monitors combine superior technology with convenient features that provide clearer, crisper and a more color accurate image in an economical solution.

Full HD 1080p
Full HD contents should be displayed on a Full HD resolution display to maintain their original details.

Cinema mode
Video clips uploaded on web pages are in low resolution and pixels are distorted when the clips are viewed on full screen. On the other hand, watching the clips in their original size would mean being exposed to various distractive elements such as banners and text. Just like a movie theatre, Cinema Mode creates an ideal environment for viewing video clips posted online by dimming the areas excluded in your mouse drag and helping you focus on what you are watching.

Energy Star Rated
Energy Star rated products use less energy and save users money on their utility bills and are better for the environment

Auto Bright Sensor
LG's Smart Monitor's Auto Bright function has a Bright Sensor that measures the amount of light in the area surrounding the monitor. After analyzing the brightness of ambient light and the data source, the monitor signals the backlight to create an optimized brightness that reproduces a clear image without causing eye strain.

Live Sensor
Live Sensor recognizes hands approaching the monitor and automatically turns on by a proximity sensor. This feature saves energy and contributes to the product life.

Time Control
The Time Control reminds you to take some time to rest by signaling with the power button light according to the interval set by the user.