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Freecom 35246

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Dock (3 ports) for the Mobile Drive CLS, an external mobile hard drive with label system. Creates order in the data chaos.

- USB DOCK: designed for Freecom Mobile Drive CLS;
- NUMBER OF HOST PORTS: 1, for connecting other USB devices;
- POWER REQUIREMENTS: power adapter 5V/2A;
- DIMENSIONS: 9.6 x 6.2 x 2 cm;
- WEIGHT: 60 g.

A new way of organizing and categorizing data Freecom’s new Mobile Drive CLS series redefines the way people look at hard drive storage. Up to now a hard drive is merely seen as a PC component (internal hard drive) and an easy way to expand one’s storage capacity (external hard drive).

These days it’s common to own more than one external hard drive, and more often than not the content on these drives is very diverse and one particular fi le, song or movie may be very hard to fi nd. The Mobile Drive CLS concept creates order in the data chaos. You can now label your drive to match the content on the drive.One drive for movies, one drive for music, one drive for work documents, one drive for full system backups, one drive per family member….the sky is the limit.
Your data is now organized and easy to fi nd. Remember the old cassette tapes, VHS video cassettes and fl oppy diskettes? Meet the 21st century version – the Mobile Drive CLS!

The individual drives can be connected via USB to any PC, MAC or notebook or can be placed in a specially designed dock, which connects the drives to the computer. The CLS dock can hold up to 3 drives, and each drive will be visible as a separate drive letter on your computer. To keep your drive safe from dust, damages and scratches you can keep it in the included storage container when the drive is not in use.

The Mobile Drive CLS is made out of form-fi tting rubber which not only gives the drive a designer’s look and feel, but also reduces vibration and provides grip when placed on a desk.