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Lenovo S10-3

  • Free ergonomic wrist rest

    Free ergonomic wrist rest for the purchase of at least three desktop PCs or laptops.Détails
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Easy instant-on access with many options: screen tablets, a range of processors and graphics cards, protection from drops and GPS.

Premium mini

- 3rd generation netbook with many upgrades and options like the ability to share files, music, photos without logging onto the internet and hi-speed wireless for easy, on-the-spot connectivity.

- More features, better wireless options, hi-def widescreens, choice of processors and cool tablet minis with touch-panel displays. It's official. Netbooks have evolved from gadget-status to must-have lifestyle devices.

- S Series netbooks are thin, light, affordable and a breeze to use. They also have many convenient features like OneKey™ data recovery tools, password protection and industry-leading customer service for a worry-free experience.

- Also, shopping online with Lenovo.com is safe and secure. Lenovo.com uses 128-bit encryption which is among the most powerful encryption standards available.