Asus R50 series EP121-1A013M product photo front S
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Asus R50 series EP121-1A013M product photo back S
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Asus R50 series EP121-1A013M product photo side L
Asus R50 series EP121-1A013M product photo back L

Asus R50 series EP121-1A013M

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A Tablet That Packs a Punch
A tablet device shouldn't have to skimp on powerful hardware just because of its size. Accept no compromises on performance and portability with the ASUS Eee Slate EP121, the world's most powerful tablet device featuring an Intel® Core™ i5 processor. While most tablet devices have lesser processors, the EP121 i5 processor takes productivity to a whole new level —meeting all your needs and more, giving you the power to run Office applications or view videos on sites like YouTube and Hulu.

Entertainment, to Go
Using a tablet device to keep yourself entertained is fantastic, but if you can keep multiple people enthralled, that's even better. Whether in landscape or portrait view, the Eee Slate allows you to share movies, videos, photos, or whatever's on screen with those around you on its large high resolution wide view screen. Add in access to an online bookstore and the Eee Slate becomes a mobile library at your fingertips. Need a larger display? Simply connect the Eee Slate to a DLNA-supported display for wireless streaming of what's on your tablet.

Multi-Input to Multiply Your Productivity
The Eee Slate is a multi-input tablet device with numerous interaction options. Use the Digital Pen to express your creativity and pen your thoughts or paint on an electronic canvas. Or simply use your fingers to access media player controls or play games. For times when you need to get productive, whip out the bundled lightweight wireless keyboard and start typing. With so many ways to interact, the choice is yours.

Stay Connected
Stay close and connected to friends and family through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, and a high resolution camera; while expandable memory slots and I/O ports allow for easy transfering of photos and video files. Windows Live Mesh allows you to keep the contents of your Eee Slate synced with your other Windows 7 machines . Should you need even more space, connect to ASUS WebStorage for an additional 500GB of storage, at no cost for a year.