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Benq W1200

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Frame Interpolation
This special mode minimizes the appearance of motion blur and judder to give you an ultra-smooth view of all the actions – particularly in the fast moving scenes of sports games and movies.

The Frame Interpolation Technology estimates the motion changes from frame to frame and inserts an interpolated frame between existing frames. As a result - smoother motion quality.

Full HD 1080p Resolution
The W1200 comes with the highest resolution HD currently available to open your eyes to the full magnificent details of each image – making every viewing experience more absorbing.

Full HD Optimized Optical System
BenQ's Full HD optimized optical system, which is comprised of 12 lens elements, is incorporated to ensure the best clarity and sharpness presentation in every Full HD image.

85% NTSC Color Gamut
BenQ's advanced color wheel coating technology expands the NTSC color gamut from the typical 72% to 85% - reproducing better color saturation for your visual enjoyment.

Enhanced Brightness and High Contrast Ratio
With an 1800 ANSI lumen high brightness and an astounding 5000:1 contrast performance, you'll always get a superbly rendered image projection of high definition TV, movies and sports games.

Full 10-bit Processing
10-bit color processing delivers over 1 billion colors, where as 8-bit technology produces only 16 million colors. Enjoy the W1200 with absolute color precision!

Reliable Color Performance and Virtually Color Decay-Free
Virtually immune to color decay, the W1200 delivers an extended lifespan of reliable color performance without the yellow/green tint that some projector images develop over time.

ISFccc Certification
Get perfectly calibrated picture quality most fitting to the physical setting of your room, along with two optimized modes – ISF Day and Night, with the highly reputable ISFccc calibration service.

Adjustable Color Management
The color management system gives you the freedom to fine-tune hues, contrast, brightness, color temperature, gamma and white balance levels to best match your unique viewing preferences.

Free of Filter Maintenance and Replacement
With the DLP filter-free design, you get to save the cost and hassles of filter maintenance and replacement all together – and get better projection quality, too.

20W SRS WOW HD Surround Sound
Enjoy the “WOW” experience of SRS WOW HD – with dual 10W built-in speakers that are built with sound boxes to refine the bass and treble performance! What's more, these speakers are sealed and secured within the projector housing by BenQ’s anti-shake design to ensure quality projection stability.