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Devolo dLAN 200 AVmini Network Kit

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Smaller, faster, greener - Powerline in perfection
-Higher speed and optimal power for the most reliable powerline network.
-New, ultra-compact housing design for discreet and versatile positioning.
-Support of Dynamic PowerSave for energy-saving networking, fully automatic.
-Maximum data security - data is encrypted very easily at the touch of a button on the adapter.

Product description

With the devolo dLAN® 200 AVmini, you have the state-of-the-art powerline solution for quickly and easily networking computers and other network-compatible terminal devices over the electrical wiring.
The dLAN® 200 AVmini is faster, smaller and greener than other powerline adapters. Faster, because it connects devices at up to 200 Mbps on a line length of 300 meters, smaller through its ultra-compact housing design and greener thanks to the sophisticated Dynamic PowerSave energy-saving technology, which automatically reduces the energy consumption by up to 60%.

Application examples
-Using internet TV (IPTV, video on demand) over the household electrical wiring.
-Internet extension as well as game console extension.
-Networking two computers to each other over the electrical wiring.
-Sharing one Internet connection among multiple computers over electrical wiring.
-Voice-over-IP and mobile home networking (Notebook).
-House scenario - easy home networking.

-New, ultra-compact housing design for discreet and versatile positioning; you are perfectly informed with the clearly arranged 3-LED status display.
-The fastest AV adapter with a new chip design - transfer rates of up to 200 Mbps, thanks to powerline technology.
-dLAN® connects all network-compatible devices - from computers and game consoles to set-top boxes for IPTV to printers and NAS hard drives—and supplies them with broadband Internet.
-The perfect introduction to the latest dLAN® generation from devolo.
-A long range of 300 meters in buildings.
-dLAN® works in every room desired, in every apartment, in every building - whether new or old!
-The patented power saving mode automatically uses more than 60% less power in standby mode.
-The unique, intelligent Dynamic PowerSave mode guarantees efficient use by automatically reducing the power consumption.
-Security at the touch of a button - secure AES encryption is activated very easily at the touch of a button on the adapter.
-No configuration is required for installation: plug the adapter into the power outlet, connect it to your computer via the network cable, ready for true plug&play!
-A user-friendly software for PC (Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7), Mac and Linux allows individual password assignment for even more security.
-Compatible with the devolo 200 AV adapters (HomePlug AV).