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Gigaset C610A

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The high-quality phone with an integrated answering machine and user-friendly features that fit family life

Bring convenience to your family’s daily life with the Gigaset C610A. This phone offers several user-friendly features for busy families. From its direct call function for contacting a designated number with the click of any button, to anonymous call silencing for blocking suppressed numbers, to the built-in baby phone with a selectable talk-back function, the Gigaset C610A is a perfect fit for family members both big and small. The answering machine with up to 45 minutes of recording time holds onto all missed calls while you’re out. When bedtime arrives, keep your family undisturbed by activating the day/night switch that mute’s the handset’s ringer while you sleep. Thanks to Gigaset’s commitment to environmental friendliness, the Gigaset C610A also has radiation-free ECO Mode Plus.1 The Gigaset C610A: the phone with an answering machine full of family-focused, user-friendly features.

Manages missed calls
With up to 45 minutes of recording time, the answering machine of the Gigaset C610A allows all missed callers to leave their messages. The LED display on the base station indicates new messages and is easy to read. A new skip-back function lets you quickly play back the last seconds of messages in case you want to repeat a detail without having to replay the message in its entirety. The answering machine announces the dates and times of messages by voice. You don’t need to go to the base station to check messages: with remote message playback and operation of the answering machine via the handset or base station, keeping track of messages is effortless on the Gigaset C610A.

Family approved
Children and grownups alike love the useful functions that the Gigaset C610A offers. The direct call function is great for youngsters: you designate a number that gets dialled with just one click on any button. Activate this function while you are out, so that your kids can easily reach someone if they need to. Keep suppressed numbers from bothering family life by using anonymous call silencing. Small babies also benefit from the C610A. The integrated baby phone calls any number you specify – internal or external – as soon as the sound reaches a certain level in the baby’s room. You can talk to your child by activating the selectable talk-back function, which reflects your voice into the room. When everyone is home and ready for a restful night, take advantage of the day/night switch that silences the handset’s ringer while you sleep.

Easy to use
Never give the hours you spend on the phone a second thought with the Gigaset C610A. Its long talk time of up to 12 hours and standby time of up to 185 hours lets you talk and pick calls as long as – and whenever – you like. Also, the Gigaset C610A is very simple to handle and use, thanks to its large TFT colour display and modern user interface with jumbo font for readability. If you need to relay short messages, the Gigaset C610A also allows you to send text messages with up to 612 characters. Another great tip for busy households: increase your flexibility immensely with the new Gigaset Smart Extra, the L410 speakerphone clip. This device brings even more convenience into your household and is fully compatible with the Gigaset C610A.
Gigaset L410

Fit to your family
Each family communicates in its own way – and the Gigaset C610A is made to adjust to your family’s individual needs. For instance, you can expand this phone by up to 6 additional handsets (or L410 and 5 additional handsets), placing them throughout your household. To make specific contacts identifiable, assign different ringtones to up to 6 separate VIP groups. With these customizable settings, its no wonder this Gigaset C610A is a family favourite.

Sounds brilliant
You and your family enjoy conversation to the fullest on the Gigaset C610A, thanks to its brilliant HSP™ sound quality. This also applies to conversation in hands-free mode. Multitasking is a pleasure when talking in brilliant sound on the Gigaset C610A.

ECO DECT: Pure energy savings and radiation-free
The energy-saving power supply of the Gigaset C610A consumes less electricity, so it’s kinder to the environment, and kinder to your wallet. Like all Gigaset cordless phones, it variably reduces the transmitting power from the handset to base station depending on their distance apart. You can also reduce the transmitting power of the Gigaset C610A’s base station by 80% simply by selecting the ECO Mode. Furthermore, radiation-free5 ECO Mode Plus turns off the transmitting power when the phone is in standby.

For a highly convenient answering machine and a phone equipped for busy family life, the Gigaset C610A is your family-focused choice.