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Fujitsu Storagebird Duo 35-LR 2x750GB

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External network storage device for up to 2 x 3.5-inch SATA drives
The STORAGEBIRD DUO 35-LR is an external network storage station for up to two 3.5-inch hard disk drives. It is specially designed for SOHO and home users demanding a high capacity and high-performance solution that can be securely and easily accessed via the network environment and configured
via any web browser. Set up your STORAGEBIRD in minutes as no special technical knowledge is needed. Store or backup all your digital content centrally and connect to it wherever you are. Share your data with friends, family or colleagues both, on your home network or via internet. Define a password protected multi-user or group environment and assign capacity quotas. Schedule and automate downloads or backup files and folders. Stream your music, videos and photos automatically to UPnP compatible devices such as media players, PCs or notebooks. In safe mode (RAID 1) you get highest reliability.