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ETERNUS DX disk storage systems - the most reliable and secure data safes:
For small and medium-sized businesses, ETERNUS DX60, DX80, and DX90 provide fast and highly available data. For mid-range and enterprise customers who need secure and flexible integration into the data center, Fujitsu offers the ETERNUS DX400 series and ETERNUS DX8000 series. ETERNUS DX disk storage systems use the same software stack and hardware functions across the entire range to allow ease-of-use and greater efficiency for users.

ETERNUS SF - Fujitsu's Storage Management Software - reduces total cost of ownership by simplifying the monitoring and management of ETERNUS DX disk storage systems. Furthermore it helps to achieve business continuity by leveraging the Advanced Copy functions for data backup, using snapshots and clones. Altogether, with ETERNUS SF, storage resources in complex IT environments are optimized.

As one of the world's largest IT services companies, Fujitsu combines many years of experience in complex data centers to offer tailor-made solutions that perfectly fit customers' individual requirements. Moreover, Fujitsu is one of the few global players to provide flexible infrastructures with its Dynamic Infrastructures strategy: server, storage, networking and service solutions - all from one trusted partner.


Fujitsu ETERNUS DX80 is a new generation of entry level disk storage systems with enterprise class reliability. Easy to install, configure, operate and maintain, they integrate well with host operating systems, multi-vendor servers, network infrastructures and backup solutions.

ETERNUS DX80 disk storage systems flexibly scale to 240 terabytes with 120 drives. Different models can either be attached to hosts via Fibre Channel, iSCSI or SAS connections. ETERNUS DX80 is optionally available for high-speed Fibre Channel transfer rates of up to 8 gigabit per second.

ETERNUS DX80 base units support 12x 3.5” drives per 2U rack shelf. Alternative base units of the FC-attached models can be equipped with 24x 2.5” drives per 2U shelf to reduce power consumption and space requirements. Additionally, the ETERNUS DX80 base units for 2.5” drives can be extended either with expansion shelves for 2.5” drives or with standard shelves for 3.5” drives.
Backup copies are always at hand via the included eight snapshots and clones, which can be optionally upgraded to 1024.

ETERNUS SF Express management software, provided with ETERNUS DX80, simplifies the monitoring, management and copying methods of multiple ETERNUS DX disk storage systems from a central console.